The WatchMinder is an ideal assistive tool for behavior modification and self-monitoring.


"We first set up the watch to remind my husband and I to take our daughter to the bathroom and now she wears it to remind herself!  It really worked for us!" – Proud Parent

"My son thinks that it has been very helpful.  I also received a note from one of his teacher telling about the change that she has noticed in his behavior.  She describes him as more mature." – Proud Parent



How is the WatchMinder helping those with behavior modification and self-monitoring?

  • Parents of young children are using the WatchMinder for toilet training.   For younger children, the “bathroom” message can be set to alert the parent to take the child to the bathroom.  For older children, the same “bathroom” message can be set to remind the child himself to use the bathroom.
  • Individuals with anxiety are using the WatchMinder to remind themselves to relax and perform breathing exercises throughout the day.
  • Busy parents are using the WatchMinder to discreetly remind themselves to give their childrenpositive feedback throughout the day.