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Vibrating Watch Looking for something to help you manage your time, organize your hectic schedule, and give you the positive reinforcement you need? WatchMinder is the best solution for you or your child. Ten years ago, child psychologist Dr. Laurence Becker was frustrated that there was no vibrating watch on the market to help his ADHD patients. He developed the first version of the WatchMinder, and twenty-thousand units later knew that he was on to something huge. WatchMinder was helping thousands with more things than he ever imagined. Going far beyond ADHD, WatchMinder became popular for adults and children with developmental disorders, autism, learning disorders, Alzheimer’s patients, persons with brain injuries, stroke survivors, seniors and those who are heard of hearing. WatchMinder is an ideal tool for behavior modification, even helping children with bed wetting issues. Diabetics use WatchMinder to remind themselves to monitor their blood sugar levels, and those with illnesses are using WatchMinder to manage complicated medication schedules. People with hypertension and heart-disease use it to reinforce healthy behaviors like a good diet, relaxation and exercise, and people who want to manage their stress are using it to remind them to stretch and breath. Athletes even use it to monitor their breathing, making the vibration far superior to an alarm that they would be unlikely to hear. People who are religious use it to remind them to pray, and the elderly use it to remind them to do things like use the restroom. As you can see, WatchMinder3 has gone far beyond what Dr. Becker ever imagined. The revolutionary vibrating watch has made daily life easier for children and adults with ADHD as well as for people with countless other issues that use the extra reminders. Sixty-five pre-programmed messages have been tailored to fit the most popular uses, and require no computer to set up. The light vibrations do not make noise, making the WatchMinder perfect for quiet classroom, work, and social settings where you would rather keep your reminder discreet. Whether you need a reminder to “Take Meds,” “Relax,” “Focus” “Stretch,” “Meditate,” use the “Bathroom” or anything else that would make your life easier, WatchMinder is the perfect solution. The look of the WatchMinder is similar to other fashionable watches on the market and gives no indication that it is anything out of the ordinary. Available in black or white with optional interchangeable velcro bands in pink, blue, red or black, the WatchMinder fits in with any style and more importantly, on any wrist. Only $69 for a limited time, WatchMinder is a fashion accessory that does much more than the typical watch. WatchMinder comes with a rechargeable battery and is completely waterproof, giving it the practicality necessary to be a tool you or your child can rely on. Just visit to read dozens of positive customer testimonials raving about what the WatchMinder has done for them. Call 1-800-961-0023 or order online today to experience the WatchMinder for yourself.
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