Vibrating Reminder Watch

Vibrating Reminder Watch WatchMinder is the most effective vibrating reminder watch on the market to help you stay on top of all the responsibilities in your life. Originally developed by a child psychologist who wanted to create a better product for children with ADHD, WatchMinder has taken on so many new uses for more consumers than Dr. Becker ever thought possible. After selling twenty-thousand of the original WatchMinder watches, Dr. Becker knew he was on to something. The WatchMinder3 is now available, and is the only programmable thirty alarm vibrating watch available. WatchMinder is now being used by children and adults with ADHD as well as people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, urinary incontinence and asthma. Senior citizens use the watch to manage medication schedules, and athletes use it to manage breathing techniques and their training schedules. People with anxiety are using it to help them relax, and parents are using it as a reminder to give their children positive reinforcement. People with autism are using it to help manage their daily tasks, and workers who do repetitive tasks use to it remind them to stretch and take breaks throughout the day. Whatever your needs, WatchMinder is the best vibrating reminder watch available. WatchMinder allows you to choose from 65 pre-programmed reminder messages that range from “Be Positive” to “Focus” to “Bathroom.” Users can set the reminders to go off at set or random intervals during a specific time period, or can set them to go off at specific times during the day. The most important part of WatchMinder is how discreet it is. In his medical practice, Dr. Becker often recommended watches a a way to manage time and make things easier for his patients with ADHD. He found that this method, while effective, was cumbersome given the limited functionality of a wristwatch. Typical watches have loud alarms that can only be set a few times a day, and have no customization options. For people trying to find a discreet and easy solution, regular watches are not practical. That's where the WatchMinder comes in. With easy programming on the watch itself, people of any age can program the watch. It comes with a rechargeable battery and a battery charger, eliminating the need for expensive replacement batteries, and is completely waterproof, not just water resistant. The light vibration is discreet, and won't create any attention when your reminders go off. The watch comes in classic black and white, fitting in with the latest styles. The watch fits any size, and is perfect for even the smallest of child's wrists. Available at or by phone at 1-800-961-0023 for just $69, WatchMinder can help make your life easier. Whether you are suffering from an illness and need help remembering to take your medication, a yoga enthusiast looking to improve your breathing technique, or a parent of a child with ADD hoping to help him become more self-sufficient, WatchMinder can help you.
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