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Autism Gadgets Licensed psychologist Laurence Becker struggled to find a tool that could help his young patients focus, pay attention, remember daily tasks, and be more self-sufficient. Originally developed for children with ADHD, Dr. Becker soon discovered that WatchMinder could help those with a wide variety of issues as well as those who just wanted to improve their daily lives. He often recommended setting alarms on typical watches to help patients manage their time, but quickly learned that this was not enough. Watch alarms are loud and distracting, and can only be set to go off a limited number of times a day with the same annoying beeping sound. Dr. Becker knew there had to be a simpler solution to help patients without such a cumbersome method. That is where WatchMinder came in. Dr. Becker developed the original WatchMinder to take advantage of his proven technique with a much more efficient and practical tool. Twenty-thousand units later with testimonials pouring in about how life-changing the WatchMinder is, Dr. Becker knew he had created something that had many functions for an endless variety of people. The WatchMinder features a unique light vibration that does not make noise and is very discreet. Unlike watch alarms that attract attention, no one else has to know you are wearing the WatchMinder. With a choice of black or white and a fashionable, current design, WatchMinder goes great with any outfit. For those looking for autism gadgets, WatchMinder is the clear choice. For people with autism, remembering daily responsibilities and staying focused and relaxed can be difficult. WatchMinder can remind children or adults with autism to “Relax,” “Pay Attention” go to the “Bathroom,” and “Breathe,” among a wide variety of messages. WatchMinder has helped many with autism become more self-sufficient and it allows them to rely much less on parental or other care. Does your child with autism have trouble getting things done at work? A reminder to “Work” can be set to go off every 30 minutes to keep him or her on track. For people with autism who get easily frustrated, a reminder to “Be Positive” can make all the difference. Go to to view testimonials from people just like you who have aspergers, autism or have a loved one with either. For someone with autism, being more self-sufficient is empowering and important. For family, friends, and caregivers, the WatchMinder can help them improve the relationship with their loved one. Free from constantly having to remind their loved one of his or her responsibilities, WatchMinder can foster better relationships. In the classroom, WatchMinder can be used to help remind those with autism to turn in their homework or catch the bus. If you are a caregiver of someone with autism looking for the best in autism gadgets, WatchMinder can also remind you to be patient and remember important tasks. Only $69, Watch Minder is a life-changing tool that fits easily into anyone’s routine. Autism Gadgets
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