"Ok, so I am not one to post reviews and things... but I feel compelled to do so. We are officially 2 weeks into the WatchMinder experiment. Yes, I call it an experiment because I have tried everything from Taekwondo classes, to removing food dyes, to essential oils, to giving in to Adderall for my ADD child.

We have struggled (and I do not say that lightly) for 4 years of school day in and day out with our oldest, to get him to do his work at school. We have literally had multiple times a week that he will sit at the dining room table doing homework from the time he gets home, until bed time trying to get him do literally 1 worksheet. It has been stressful on him, and is stressful on us. His frustration has bled over into venting it out on his little brother. Our relationship as a family has struggled as a result.

So two weeks ago our watch arrived, I immediately set about to programming reminders to grab his backpack and lunch, to go to school, to turn in his homework, to fill out his planner wtih his teacher, as well as 15 minute interval reminders to pay attention.

Last week, we thought we were starting to see some positive changes, we made some adjustments to timers and reminders and moved into this week. This week has been an absolute 180 for him. I am honestly in awe. He has brought home all of his work and set about doing his homework ON HIS OWN! (This is an absolute FIRST!) The other night I sat with him as he actually had FUN, dare I say it, writing vocabulary sentences. His handwriting is neat for the first time. He has literally finished his homework on his own every night by suppertime. Yesterday he came home with only two math problems left to finish on a worksheet. He was done in 5 minutes! (we double checked with his teacher to make sure.)

We now have time left over in the evening to play with our boys, to take them out for ice cream, to go to the park, to have game night... we have never had this luxury during the school year.

I'm not sure that I understand how a watch could make changes like this, but somehow we are seeing it. It can't just be a coincidence.

All I can say is Thank you! This is the best $70 we have EVER spent!" - - Proud Parent of AD/HD Child


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